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Foster Application Foster Family Homes Manual

Being a foster with Second Chance Dog Rescue is a rewarding experience as you are helping us save another dog’s life!  We can only rescue as many dogs we have foster homes for so we are always looking for new fosters.  We provide you with all of the supplies and needed vet care—you provide the dog with love, companionship, and guidance.

Please keep the following things in mind to help you and your family decide if you are willing to take on this wonderful commitment:

What We Do:

  • All necessary supplies (leashes, bowls, bedding, food, flea medication, etc.) are provided, though some fosters choose to use their own supplies/food as a further donation to the rescue.
  • Foster dogs are provided with medical care through our veterinary partners.
  • Fosters are encouraged to tell us which types of dogs they are most interested in fostering; some request certain genders, sizes, or ages, while others request general breeds (i.e., terriers or Chihuahuas).  Because there are so many dogs needing our help, we are often able to accommodate fosters’ preferences.
  • If a foster dog is not working out, we need up to 72 hours to find another foster for the dog.

 What Fosters Do:

  • Foster dogs are not “perfect”—they need care, patience, and affection—many require socialization and some basic training.  Most often, dogs coming out of shelters are frightened and shy.  Watching them come out of their shells is one of the best parts of fostering!
  • Foster dogs must be leashed at all times, even in dog parks, until they have bonded and you are familiar with their personalities and social skills.
  • Foster dogs must always wear their Second Chance Dog Rescue identification tags, to improve the likelihood of their safe return should they escape.
  • Though not everyone can provide “free roam” of their homes, we ask that our dogs not be crated or caged for long periods of time during the day (such as during work hours).  We are committed to “cage-free” living, as exemplified by the fact that we do not have kennels.
  • As a foster, if the rescue dog gets lost in your care, please help us find the dog by notifying us immediately, posting flyers, and posting on Craigslist.
  • We rely on our fosters for pictures and bios for our available dogs’ online listings.  Your wonderful information/updates will help the dog(s) find their loving homes faster.
  • Fosters must be available to facilitate “meet and greets” with potential adopters, and respond to applications in a timely manner, either via email or phone calls. Depending on fosters’ preferences, meet-and-greets may be held at home, at a local pet store or park, at one of our weekly adoption events, or at the Second Chance office.

Fosters may choose to be involved in the adoption process, and sometimes keep in touch with adopters who may provide occasional updates on the dogs.  This is another fabulous perk of fostering for Second Chance; fosters are able to meet the dogs’ forever families and offer their input!