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All of our rescue dogs are in private volunteer foster homes.  We do not have a central shelter or kennel locations—dogs are either adopted from our weekly adoption events, or we facilitate private one-on-one meet-and-greet appointments with each individual dog, as the foster family’s schedule allows.  Our volunteer fosters are most qualified to answer any questions regarding the dog; this is the huge benefit of our rescue—you are not adopting a dog you know nothing about!  Our fosters are able to relay the dogs’ quirks, strengths, preferences, and areas needing improvement.  To ensure the best possible fit for you and/or your family and increase the likelihood that the dog is going to a “forever home,” we must have an approved application on file.

Second Chance Dog Rescue does not provide documentation nor certify that any of the dogs posted are service dogs within the meaning of state or federal law.  The dogs listed are all pets and do not have any particularized training or skill as service animals and are not trained as emotional support animals.  The dogs have NOT been trained to provide a therapeutic or other response to anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional conditions.

After learning about your potential new family member, we provide a two-week foster-to-adopt period to make sure the dog is a fit for your family. If your dog is not working out for any reason, we refund half of the adoption fees during the two-week period.  After the two weeks we are unable to offer a refund.

Adoption fees vary from dog-to-dog, and are often based on age and desirability.  Part of the adoption fees for a healthy puppy, for example, may go toward medical care and/or rehabilitation for an older or injured dog.

Please note that an approved application does not guarantee that the dog will be placed with you. The final decision rests with our fosters as they know the dogs the best, and please be aware that there may be other applicants interested in the same dog. We continue accepting applications on a dog until the dog is with the new adoptive family in their home.