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Second Chance Dog Rescue

Rescue Team

The key to our success is our network of volunteers and foster family homes. Because we do not operate out of a shelter or have a facility in which to house our adoptable dogs, we rely heavily on volunteers who lovingly open their hearts and their homes, offering temporary accommodations. Once integrated into one of our foster families, a dog that may have come to us frightened, timid, or otherwise emotionally scarred, will blossom and flourish with the tender loving care s/he receives there, often within just a few days or weeks.

Photo: Gretchen Otero Photography 

With the support of so many, we hope to set a fine example, and maintain higher standards of excellence in the dog rescue community. Second Chance Dog Rescue has volunteer/foster families throughout Southern California and Baja California, Mexico. The more foster families we have on board, the more dogs can be saved! 

Advisory Board of Directors

  • Linda Acosta, Board President
  • Jennifer Bennink, Secretary
  • Tee Taylor, Vice President
  • Anne Perry, Treasurer
  • Lynn Connot, Board Member

Rescue Staff 

  • Sarah Ferrara, Executive Director
  • Norma Huantes-Hawkins

Key Volunteers

  • Jennifer Allen
  • Karen Dole
  • Annie Carlson
  • Keryn Cunningham
  • Ingrid Jameson
  • Rachel Jameson
  • Debra Losey-Peterson
  • Esther Lan
  • Linda Pendleton
  • Gloria Torres
  • Arianna Twining
  • Vicky Wade
  • Liz Schall
  • Kim de Silva
  • Myra Northcross